Carbon Reduction Plan.

Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) – Malt Films Ltd 

Malt Films Ltd is wholly committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050 and actively  reducing carbon emissions across all scopes as part of our environmental responsibility.  Our Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) outlines our commitment to these objectives,  including comprehensive emissions reporting and environmental management  measures, as part of a general policy: 

Commitment to Net Zero by 2050

Malt Films Ltd affirms its unwavering commitment to achieving Net Zero emissions by the year 2050.

We understand  the urgency of addressing climate change and will take proactive measures to  reduce our carbon footprint in alignment with this ambitious goal. 

Comprehensive Emissions Reporting

Our CRP includes a detailed account of emissions reported for all required Scopes as per the defined methodology. We follow internationally recognised standards to assess emissions from Scope 1 (direct emissions), Scope 2 (indirect emissions from energy consumption), and Scope 3 (other indirect emissions associated with our activities). This reporting encompasses our commitment to transparency and accountability in carbon reduction efforts. 

Environmental Management Measures

Malt Films Ltd is dedicated to  implementing robust environmental management measures as part of our  general policy. Our approach includes the following key measures.

Energy Efficiency

We prioritise energy-efficient practices across our operations, including the use of energy-efficient equipment, sustainable energy sources, and responsible energy management.

Waste Reduction

We actively manage waste generation and implement recycling and waste reduction programs to minimise our environmental impact.

Sustainable Procurement

We opt for environmentally responsible procurement practices, selecting suppliers and products with low carbon footprints and promoting sustainability within our supply chain.

Transportation Practices

We optimise transportation to reduce emissions by promoting efficient routes, minimising vehicle idling, and considering eco-friendly transportation options when feasible.

Employee Engagement

Our staff is integral to our carbon reduction efforts. We engage our team members in sustainability initiatives, raise awareness, and encourage environmentally responsible behaviour. 

Reporting Period

Our CRP has a reporting period of 12 months to reflect our general commitment to carbon reduction and sustainability. This timeframe ensures the most up-to-date and relevant information for our carbon reduction  endeavours.  

Malt Films Ltd is dedicated to realising the objectives set forth in our Carbon Reduction Plan, reducing our carbon emissions across all scopes, and actively working towards achieving Net Zero by 2050. Our general environmental commitment aligns with the urgency of addressing climate change and reflects our dedication to environmentally  responsible practices in all aspects of our operations.