Privacy Policy.


We may be in communication because there is a possibility that you will appear in one of our projects. Maybe our client has provided your details as someone interested or maybe you have responded to an advert but somewhere along the line we’ve been put in contact. (n.b. If you are an actor then although you have been asked to appear in one of our projects, you are actually a supplier – you will find the correct link below)

At malt films ltd we produce films, images, audio and graphics for charities, brands, companies and public sector organisations. This involves collaborative working and so we process information about the people involved and share it with other people involved.

This privacy policy explains how we use any personal information we collect about you.

We will:

  • Only collect information we actually need.

  • Never sell, rent or trade this information.

  • Only use and share it as required to perform our services.

  • Store it in a safe place.

  • Make it available to you as per your legal rights.

Separate Privacy Policies.

The information we collect about you and how we use it will vary depending on what our relationship is.

We therefore have separate policies for people appearing in our projects (not including actors) and for suppliers and staff. You are currently reading the policy for contributors (who have been asked to appear in one of our projects). Please click on the relevant link below if this is not you.

Suppliers or Staff

General policy (for everyone else)

Otherwise, read on!

What Information Do We Collect About You?

We may collect:

  • Your name and contact details including an address, email and phone number.

  • A signature as part of a signed agreement.

  • A photograph or video of yourself.

  • Bank details.

  • Your date of birth.

  • Some relevant information to the project that explains your suggested involvement – such as what you would like to say or your background story that we would like to tell (your story).

In addition:

Because we produce a wide variety of work on highly varied projects then it is possible that this information (your story) may include sensitive information such as:

  • Racial or ethnic origin.

  • Political opinions.

  • Religious or similar beliefs.

  • Whether you are a member of a trade union.

  • Your physical or mental health or condition.

  • Your sex life or sexual orientation.

  • The commission or alleged commission of an offence.

  • Any proceedings relating to any actual or alleged offences committed and the outcome.

Some or all of this information may be provided to us by yourself, or it may be shared with us by someone else, such as our client. If it has been provided to us by somebody else then we will be acting as a data processor and will expect the person sharing with us to have made you aware of this.  If the information is sensitive we will expect them to have obtained explicit consent from you to do so.

When we make contact we will check with you that this has happened.  If you have not consented to sensitive information being shared with us, then we will either ask for your consent or will immediately stop using this information and will inform the person who provided us with the information of the error.

How Will We Use The Information About You?

Your name and contact details:

  • May be used for logistics and project management purposes.

  • May be shared with our client, our creative team or other people directly involved in the project to allow them to do their job. For example, we may share your address with an equipment rental company for the purposes of delivering directly to your location or we may provide contact details to a specialist film director so that they can speak to you directly about the project.

  • The legal basis for this is legitimate interests as we must be able to manage the logistics to film your contribution.

Your contact details, photos or video of yourself and your story:

  • May be used for creative assessments.

  • May be compared with:

    • Information provided by other candidates.

    • Information relating to the project brief and requirements.

    • With other preparatory materials we may have in relation to the project.

  •  May be shared with our client, our creative team and other people directly involved in the project.

The legal basis for this is legitimate interests as we need to make creative choices for example how we can combine your story with other stories to achieve the project brief; to make logistical choices for example comparing your location and availability with others to see how we could manage your inclusion logistically; and to communicate this with our clients for feedback.

Any sensitive information being used for the above will additionally be subject to your explicit consent.

You can withdraw consent at any time.

Your name and story:

  • May be used to develop scripts, draft narratives and interview questions.

  • May be shared with our client, our creative team and other people directly involved in the project for the purposes of briefing, feedback and project management.

  • May be edited to produce one or more pieces of work or to produce promotional work to support it Editing may involve combining and comparing your story with stories of other people; combining your story with a voiceover, text and other visual graphics including for example, your name; separating the audio and video aspects of the recording and using either or both; selecting and removing parts of your story; re-ordering and reducing what you said (to make what you said more concise). This process may include work-in-progress materials that are created and shared as part of the normal editing process before a final decision.

  • May be published, shared and distributed in the manner and on the platforms specified for this project.  This could be for the benefit of our client, ourselves or other people involved in the project. This may include putting your information into the public domain.

  • May be archived onto LTO tape and removed from our computers.

  • The legal basis for the above is legitimate interests as we need to be able to use and process your contribution in the manner necessary for it to be useable by us. Any sensitive information included within your story still requires your explicit consent and we will inform you specifically of any people we need to share it with.

  • Your name and contact details, signature, bank details and date of birth

    May be used for legal and compliance purposes and shared with our legal advisors, insurers, government bodies and our client. The legal basis for this is legal obligation.

  • May be used to manage and process payments and expenses. It may be shared with our accountants, bookkeepers, bank and credit/debit card processing providers and insurance providers and their underwriters. The legal basis for this is legitimate interests.

  • May be stored for 6 years for compliance purposes.

All of your information:

  • May be used for legal and compliance purposes and shared with our legal advisors, insurers, government bodies, the court and law enforcement.

Where We Store Your Information.

Your information may be stored in the following locations:

Google (GSuite)

for emails, contacts, document management and collaboration.

Google is GDPR compliant and operate strict information security protocols including encryption at rest.

Google has been approved for Government information data up to GSC level ‘Official’.

Intuit Quickbooks

online bookkeeping software –

Our HSBC bank account

Online portal for payments and payment history


for sending email newsletters.  Mailchimp are GDPR compliant and their privacy policy can be found here –

On paper in organised folders

for printed contracts, invoices and agreements.

On paper in locked cabinets

for sensitive paperwork such as passport and visa copies, doctor letters and employment information.

Temporarily on paper

for risk assessments, call-sheets and other working materials that are required in-hand by the project team for the provision of the services. This paper is shredded and not stored.

Temporarily on recordable media

(such as camera cards) for film footage captured as part of a film or audio shoot.

Temporarily on portable backup harddrives

for film footage captured as part of a film or audio shoot

On LTO tape

when the information relates to project content that is archived.

Your Rights.

You have a right:

  • To request a copy of some or all of the information that we hold about you.

  • To amend it.

  • To ask us to delete it.

  • To restrict how we use it.

  • To object to us using it.

If you want to  exercise these rights or find out more, please email Paddy O'Sullivan at for further information.

There is a real world example (in relation to the work we do) where you might feel that your rights are being limited when they are not.

Work that does not identify you, created from information that does

Data protections rules cover anything that allows a living person (you) to be directly or indirectly identified.

We may as a normal part of the process create work based on your information where you are not identifiable.  For example where we have used your story to develop a script, that script and any work produced from it may not contain any indication that it is your story or who you are. Where we have created something that doesn’t identify you then that thing may not be subject to data protection rules. Any information that we are holding about you that does identify you, will of course always be protected.

To give an example: we have been given your contact details and have contacted you to be in a film. You have told us your story (that may contain sensitive information). We have recorded that and performed an assessment and discussed you and your story with our client. We have then filmed you telling your story and have edited your story with other stories to make a film. You are however not identifiable in the film – someone watching it could not know who you are. The film itself therefore is not subject to data protection. We then want to archive and store your information onto an LTO tape and remove it from our working computers. We are allowed to do all of this because you have given us your express consent to use your sensitive information in this way and because we have a legitimate interest to do so. However, somewhere in the process you decide to withdraw your consent. At this point we will immediately stop using your sensitive information. You may tell us to delete it and so we will. But we would still continue to use the film because the film itself (in this example) doesn’t contain your personal information that allows you to be directly or indirectly identified. However in a different example, if the film includes your name as a graphic or if it contains an obvious location or something else that would allow people to narrow it down to your identity, then you would be identifiable in the film and it would be subject to data protection.

Changes To This Privacy Notice.

This policy may be changed from time to time and will be updated here. If the change affects you then we may be required to contact you to inform you of the change.